John and Carol Probst have spent over 30 years loving each other, working on new goals and dreams, and serving their family, neighbors, and community. They met while on a study abroad tour in London, kissed for the first time under the Eiffel Tower, got married in California and raised six children in Utah. Along the way, John has started several companies including website hosting (ProHosting), softgoods auditing (ProAudit), web server space (GameDaemons/Netfire), and chocolate (V Chocolates). However, it was his involvement in the correctional health care (CorEMR) that lead to his shift towards residential treatment centers. Carol has supported him every step of the way by managing everything related to accounting and office management. She's an expert baker (Carol's Chocolate Chip Cookies are very well known and often requested by visiting friends and family). She's also contributed her chocolate rum cake recipe to a local restaurant (The Corner) where she works in the bakery. Another one of Carol's hidden talents is the ability to type at speed with one hand, either right or left gained from multitasking taking care of kids at home while working with John on his projects. Together John and Carol have built a legacy of love and service that they hope will carry over into Cascade.

Carol Probst 

Founder / Operations Manager
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