Caleb has been working with adolescents in a variety of treatment settings including Wilderness, RTCs, and Therapeutic Boarding Schools for the past 15 years. After becoming licensed in recreational therapy and embracing the powerful effects of experiential therapy, he decided to expand his education and pursue a Masters in Business Administration. Since then he has had the opportunity to serve adolescents and their families in a variety of roles including Program Director, Marketing and Outreach Director and Executive Director. This blend of therapeutic and administrative experience has provided Caleb a comprehensive perspective of the therapeutic process for struggling families across the entire continuum of care. Blessed with a wonderful wife and five delightful children, Caleb has personally witnessed the profound effect each individual can have within a family system. Caleb and his family enjoy living outside of their comfort zones and have had wonderful resilience building experiences in the outdoors, on stage and living abroad. Together they love to work hard, and pl.ay even harder.

Caleb Cottle MBA, TRT

Founder / Director of Business Dev.
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