Caleb and I have always loved being engaged in the lives of teens. With five children of our own quickly approaching adolescence our pillow talk frequently includes discussions about the struggles that teens and young adults experience; specifically those with anxiety disorders. We have both had very personal experiences with people close to us that must work hard to manage their anxiety. We have dreamed for years about a place where adolescents with anxiety can feel safe and empowered; a place where they can receive a more holistic and innovative approach and embrace change for the better. I personally feel immense hope for change in all people wanting to reach higher ground and love themselves and others in a deeper more lasting way. I am overjoyed now as I have watched Cascade become that place! With a familiar homelike atmosphere (the Probst home), beautiful mountainous surroundings, and an intense therapeutic environment with opportunities to be pushed out of their comfort zone, Cascade has truly transformed into a refuge for these girls in this time of great need. It has become what Caleb and I have always envisioned. I believe in the changes these girls are making. I hope many more will find themselves here, in a safe place where they can make mistakes, learn and grow. A place where they can receive the professional support they need, as well as the support from their peers that they couldn’t find anywhere else. A place with girls that they can relate to, who understand one other. I am amazed at the administration and staff that have made Cascade come to life, and that give it life daily! They lighten the load and create stability. Each individual adds so much to this purpose. I am proud of Caleb and his desire to help others. This has been an experience for our family to really see a dream come to life. I am truly and deeply grateful for this opportunity. Sincerely, Raylene Cottle

Caleb & Raylene Cottle 

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