Kendra is a Registered Dietitian and Certified Dietician in Utah. She has completed a 1 year internship at BYU and has a Bachelor of Science degree with a Major in Dietetics and a Minor in Psychology. Kendra has spent many years working to help individuals develop a healthy relationship with food by fueling their bodies in a way that enhances their lives. She has experience providing nutrition counseling and education to individuals in residential and outpatient settings. In addition, she is well practiced at developing menus to meet the needs of specific populations. Kendra believes that the whole person needs to be addressed in order to make progress and that this is achieved through an individualized approach to nutrition. She encourages her clients to get more in touch with themselves and helps them relearn how to use intuition to determine and honor their personal needs. She loves working with a multi-disciplinary team to help her clients thrive. Outside of work Kendra enjoys hiking and climbing with her sister, campfires with family and friends, and video games with her husband. She can also get lost in a good book which is one of her favorite ways to unwind.

Kendra Manwill RD, CD

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