Originally from the Midwest, Spencer moved west for school and began his college career studying English Education at Brigham Young University of Idaho. While living in Idaho, Spencer took advantage of the many outdoor activities that Idaho offers and learned to mountain bike, rock climb, ski, and kayak. With a deep passion for the outdoors, Spencer changed his major to Recreation Therapy and has been using adventure-based activities to teach lessons in a variety of settings, including wilderness therapy, residential treatment centers, mental health workshops for college students, and executive retreats for successful businesses. Spencer graduated with a bachelor’s in Recreation Therapy in 2020. From a young age, Spencer knew he wanted to work with adolescents and help them through the confusing and challenging navigation that life as a teenager brings. Much like finding meaning through metaphor in books and poetry, Spencer uses activities to help adolescents discover life lessons, confidence, and mental health skills. He is excited to join the Cascade team and to help adolescent girls learn about themselves through experiential activities. Spencer’s number 1 signature strength is learning new things. When he is not at Cascade you will likely find Spencer reading new books, trying out new hobbies, or doing things he already loves, such as rock climbing and mountain biking.

Spencer Ott TRS, CTRS

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